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the Critter Box  our premier benefit package

In addition to receiving the amazing items listed below, at an amazing discount, you will be contributing $100 directly to South Sound Critter Care.      


               7 days a week 10 a.m. - 9 p.m

*Who we are...

We are a Seattle based business with a conscience serving the greater Seattle, WA area from the North Beacon Hill/Mt Baker/W. Seattle Neighborhoods to North 185th St. in Shoreline.

*What we do...

We strive to Provide Quality, Comfort and Convenience to any person seeking a safe and legitimate source for RECREATIONAL and/or MEDICINAL Cannabis. No card required.

*What we don't do...

No persons under the age of 21 will be served without exception. We do check I.D.

We do not ship. Not within Washington State, not out of Washington state. Not even to Colorado.
We do not deliver to locations outside of our service area, however, we do offer convenient meet ups for those who can travel to our area.

Benefit Products-  A significant portion of the proceeds from every purchase of one of our benefit products helps
out a worthy organization dedicated to helping out those in need, people & critters alike!

Now serving Mt Baker,
West Seattle & Georgetown!

(West Seattle service area begins North of Graham St.)

Updated March 29, 2014

Thank you
for Bearing with us!

We have just completed an exciting step forward & have moved our operations into a space that will allow us to better serve our wonderful customers.

In the adjustment, there may be some issues with our phone lines, so please be  assured that we will have our system back up to full speed very, very soon. Thanks so much for your patience as Winterlife continues to grow!

Welcome to Winterlife!

Featured in High Times, Time Magazine, The Huffington Post, RT News etc.
as well as our own Seattle Times, The Stranger Magazine, KOMO and Q13 News

Whats in the box:
Please Note: * Items may vary due to availability

  • 1 Qtr Eagle's Nest (top shelf)
  • 1 Qtr of Elk's Lounge(premium grade) 
  • 1 Owl Pellet(2g compressed bud, bud shake, & kief)
  • 1 RSO Capsules(Rick Simpson Oil & Coconut Oil )
  • 1 Tree Sap(1g bho, honeycomb, wax...)
  • 1 Milk Chocolate Bar(50 mg activated cannabinoids)
  • 1 Onyx Bar(200 mg activated cannabinoids)
  • 2 each; Milk Chocolate, Mocha, & Caramel Truffles
    (25 mg activated cannabinoids each)

  • Glass Pipe(styles and colors vary)
  • Hemp Wix(fueless lighting wicks + smell locker bag)
  • Rolling Papers(100 cellulose papers +  smell locker bag)
  • DoDo Variable Voltage Vaporizor Pen(for wax)
  • Sm Sharpe Edge Herb Grinder
  • 1 "Twig"(wax handling tool)
  • Honorary Critter Status(congrats! you are now a critter and receive "a li'l extra" every time you order)
At Ease Soldier

Injured Vet Benefit Joints $15

{dried cannabis flowers, kief (THC dust) and RSO (alcohol extracted concentrate)}

Made by Washington Resident Injured Veterans!
Over half of the funds go directly into their pockets!!!